Crafting a People Strategy to Future-Proof HealthCorp


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CLIENT CASE STUDY - How PeopleCentriX Enabled a Healthcare Client to Build a Holistic People Strategy, Roadmap, and Business Case for Elevating the People Function.


In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, the significance of a well-defined people strategy cannot be overstated. This client case study delves into the transformative journey of a healthcare organisation that partnered with PeopleCentriX to develop a holistic people strategy, roadmap, and compelling business case, ultimately propelling the evolution of their people function


The healthcare sector faces multifaceted challenges, ranging from talent acquisition and retention to fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration. Recognising the need for a strategic approach to their people management, our client, a hospital with over 15,000 employees and ranked in the top 100 World's Best Hospitals 2023, sought the expertise of PeopleCentriX to build a holistic people strategy, roadmap, and business case for elevating the people function in the hospital.

The Challenge 

HealthCorp faced a range of HR challenges reflective of the demanding healthcare landscape:

  1. Recruitment and Retention Struggles. The organisation grappled with a scarcity of qualified healthcare professionals, particularly nurses and physicians, leading to difficulties in both attracting and retaining talent.

  2. Compensation and Benefits. HealthCorp consistently navigated the challenge of offering competitive compensation packages and comprehensive benefits to attract and retain skilled healthcare professionals.

  3. Combatting Employee Burnout. Employees at HealthCorp, dealing with high workloads and emotional demands, were susceptible to burnout.

  4. Talent Development and Continuous Learning. Recognising the necessity of investing in the professional development of its workforce, HealthCorp aimed to keep pace with evolving medical practices and technology.

  5. Patient Satisfaction and Quality of Care. HR at HealthCorp played a pivotal role in addressing challenges related to patient satisfaction by fostering positive workplace cultures, recognising employee achievements, and contributing to the enhancement of the overall quality of care.

The Solution 

PeopleCentriX played a pivotal role in supporting the Chief People Officer, the HR Leadership team, and the leadership team of HealthCorp in crafting a fit-for-purpose People Strategy. The following steps were undertaken to ensure its successful development:

Step 1 - Stakeholder Consultation

PeopleCentriX conducted in-depth interviews with over 10 senior leaders, capturing their priorities, needs, and pain points. Additionally, more than 20 focus groups were held across all departments, including representatives from people managers, employees, and unions. This extensive consultation provided valuable insights into the organisation's challenges and aspirations.

Step 2 - Co-Creation Workshops

Collaborative workshops were facilitated by PeopleCentriX, engaging the HR Leadership team. The workshops focused on defining the HR mission and vision, strategic objectives, and identifying key pillars and initiatives. This participatory approach ensured that the People Strategy aligned with the organisation's goals and aspirations.

Step 3 - Socialisation and Iteration

The developed 2023-2028 People Strategy, along with its value proposition and financial implications, was shared with leaders from HealthCorp. This socialisation process allowed for feedback, refinement, and iterative improvements, ensuring the strategy's relevance and alignment with organisational objectives.

Step 4 - Board Validation

The finalised 2023-2028 People Strategy and its associated budget underwent thorough validation by the Board. This step ensured that the strategy gained the necessary support and endorsement from top-level decision-makers, enhancing its chances of successful implementation.

The Value 

The implementation of the 2023-2028 People Strategy at HealthCorp is expected to deliver several key benefits:

  1. All Employees. The People Strategy will bring significant value to all employees within the organisation. It will foster a positive and inclusive work culture, promoting employee engagement, well-being, and professional growth. Employees will benefit from tailored development programs, meaningful career paths, and increased opportunities for recognition and rewards.

  2. HR Employees. The People Strategy will have a profound impact on HR employees at HealthCorp. It will provide them with a structured framework to streamline HR processes, enabling them to effectively attract, onboard, develop, and retain top talent. The strategy will empower HR professionals with data-driven insights, enhancing their decision-making capabilities and enabling them to create targeted HR initiatives aligned with the organisation's goals. 
  3. Line Managers and Leaders. The People Strategy will support line managers and leaders at HealthCorp in their critical roles. It will equip them with the necessary tools and resources to effectively lead and manage their teams. Through leadership development programs and coaching, managers will gain skills in performance management, employee engagement, and talent development. The strategy will also emphasise the importance of regular feedback and communication, enabling managers to create a supportive and collaborative work environment. 

  4. The Hospital. The People Strategy will have a profound impact on the overall functioning and success of the hospital. By attracting and retaining top talent, the strategy will ensure a skilled and motivated workforce, enhancing the hospital's reputation and competitiveness. The emphasis on employee development and engagement will result in higher productivity, improved patient care, and reduced turnover rates. The strategy will also facilitate effective succession planning, ensuring a seamless transition in critical leadership positions and maintaining continuity in patient care and operational excellence.

  5. The Patients. Ultimately, the People Strategy will positively impact the patients of HealthCorp. Through a highly engaged and skilled workforce, patients will receive improved care and experiences. The strategy's focus on continuous improvement and professional development will translate into higher quality healthcare services, enhanced patient safety, and improved patient satisfaction. The emphasis on employee well-being and work-life balance will also contribute to a positive and caring environment, creating a better patient experience overall.