Strengthening Talent Acquisition at PharmaCorp through Skills-Based Assessment


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CLIENT CASE STUDY - How PeopleCentriX enabled a pharma client to streamline skills-based assessment the during talent acquisition process. 


Following the successful adoption of a global talent acquisition strategy, PharmaCorp, a global biopharmaceutical company, identified the need to establish a consistent talent assessment framework to measure and evaluate skills during the talent acquisition process across its operations in over 50 countries. Recognising the importance of consistent and standardised approach to evaluate applicants' skills and experiences, PharmaCorp engaged PeopleCentriX to streamline skills-based assessment the during talent acquisition process.


The Challenge 

PharmaCorp faced challenges in ensuring consistent measurement of skills and experience across different countries. The lack of a standardised talent acquisition assessment framework led to variations in assessment criteria, methodologies, and evaluation processes. This hindered the organisation's ability to make reliable and objective talent decisions on a global scale.


The Solution 

To address these challenges, PharmaCorp collaborated with PeopleCentriX, to implement a comprehensive solution through the following steps:

Step 1 - Assessment Landscape Analysis

PeopleCentriX conducted an in-depth analysis of PharmaCorp's existing talent assessment practices across different countries during the talent acquisition process. This involved examining the criteria used, evaluation methods employed, and the overall alignment with the organisation's goals and values. The analysis provided a comprehensive understanding of the assessment landscape and identified areas requiring standardisation.

Step 2 - Framework Development

Based on the analysis, PeopleCentriX worked closely with PharmaCorp to develop a standardised talent assessment framework specifically for measuring skills during the talent acquisition process. This framework outlined the consistent criteria, assessment methods, and evaluation processes to be applied globally. It incorporated local best practices and ensured alignment with PharmaCorp's talent strategy and business objectives.

Step 3 - Facilitate Workshops to Promote Adoption of Standardised Framework

To drive the adoption of the standardised talent assessment framework, PeopleCentriX facilitated a series of workshops involving key stakeholders from different countries. These workshops served as collaborative platforms for discussion, sharing of insights, and alignment on the standardised framework. Participants had the opportunity to provide feedback, exchange best practices, and collectively determine how to implement the framework effectively across diverse locations.


The Value 

The implementation of a common framework for skills assessment at PharmaCorp is expected to deliver several key benefits:

  1. Consistency and Objectivity
    The standardised framework will ensure consistent measurement and evaluation of skills and experience during the talent acquisition process across all countries. This will enhance objectivity in talent assessment, reducing bias and enabling fair and reliable decision-making.

  2. Improved Talent Identification
    By implementing a consistent assessment framework, PharmaCorp will be able to accurately identify top talent with the desired skills and experience during the talent acquisition process. This will facilitate better talent acquisition, mobility, and development decisions globally.

  3. Enhanced Efficiency
    The streamlined talent assessment process during the talent acquisition process will lead to improved efficiency in evaluating candidates. The standardised criteria and evaluation methods will enable quicker and more effective screening and selection, saving time and resources.